I woke up one morning with clear guidance from the Angels to start writing this book. I had been interpreting the names in my dreams for years when I suddenly realised that my research and insights could become a useful reference book and tool for everyone. I envisioned a book with positive and uplifting messages that helps people to bring changes into their life. From this day onward, the book started writing itself. I would dream names, and during my morning meditation the Angels would give me the appropriate message to go along with the clues that the dream itself provided. Once you open up to this kind of communication, and the Angels know that they can talk to you through names, they will jump with joy and make increased use of it.


Higher Ascension Tools is the perfect book for disciples and initiates on the Ascension path. So for all of us who are spiritually awake. The book came into being in a very interesting and unexpected way. I woke up one morning with a very vivid dream still in my mind where the God Horus was showing me a book, he gave me the book title and twelve chapter titles for it, instigating thus the writing of this book.

The objective of the book is to accelerate your ascension path with a variety of tools provided by Horus, the Diamond Unicorns, the Goddess, the Cosmic Whales, a variety of Ascended Masters, the Planetary Logoi and Sacred Atlantean Cats. I am sharing my personal experiences with these beings and the teachings they have brought me. The book contains many channeled messages from these beings of light for the reader to facilitate connecting with them.

“Franziska Siragusa has written a very special book full of spiritual information and beautiful, inspirational visualisations. Just reading it will fill you with light and accelerate your ascension journey. I loved it. ” Diana Cooper