Angel Readings

If you would like an Angel Reading contact me for a general reading or with a specific question.  You can request a written reading (ca. 1 A4 page) or we can take an appointment for a Skype reading (ca. 30 minutes).    Cost Euro 25.

The angels are constantly sending us signs to guide us on our life path. It is up to us to take notice, to follow the signs and to ask for help.  We all have Free Will and angels need our permission to intervene.  It is imperative for us to ask angels for their help, because it is their ‘job’ to provide it.

Angel readings with oracle cards are a method in which you can connect with the Divine allowing angels to tell you what you need to know at this moment.

Angel messages are always positive and uplifting, and will always contain guidance and advice on how to heal certain aspects of your life which will help you to heal and to evolve.